Fabulous 50's

I’ve decided not to go on the six-week European trip.  Instead, I’m going to get a job and spend more quality time with my husband.  I’ve been searching for a while now…perhaps going through a mid (or maybe later) life crisis.  Feeling that I have to fit everything in now.  I typically had jobs/careers that offered one or two weeks of vacation per year and while my son was growing up, the time was spent going to Myrtle Beach or boating/camping.  When I finally was able to travel for longer periods of time…I went a little “hog-wild”!

We’ve all heard “Balance is important in life” or “All things in moderation” and I haven’t been living my life in balance lately.  So…having recognized that, I’m now going to change it.  It’s O.K. to travel and have fun, but for me to feel fulfilled, I realize I need a purpose.  I enjoy…

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